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Welcome and thank you for visiting. What you’re looking for in early care and education is right here, from our classrooms, NC Pre-K classrooms, after school care, and summer enrichment camp, to family resources, college internships and volunteer opportunities. Partners in Learning was conceived in the spring of 1996 by a grassroots group of individuals that wanted to build a model center that would include typical as well as children with special needs, and implement services that would enrich the lives of children and their families. We are a model center for inclusion, providing early intervention services to young children with special needs, including developmental therapy and special instruction, support groups for families and inclusive classrooms. Schedule a tour online or contact Deborah Howell at 704-638-9020.

About Us

We now have 2 locations serving Rowan County: Partners In Learning @ Catawba which is situated on the Catawba College campus and Partners In Learning @ Novant which is located near the hospital. Partners In Learning serves as the Model Inclusive Center providing care to children six weeks through five years of age in Rowan County, and after school programs and summer enrichment program for children six years (school age) to age twelve. The Center is a Five Star Licensed, Nationally Accredited Program caring for more than 200 children six weeks through twelve years each year. Our organization serves children on-site at Partners in Learning, in childcare centers throughout the community, as well as in the children’s homes. Partners in Learning has established a priority to develop a comprehensive, community-based, family-centered system of care to meet the needs of children with disabilities and their families. The system is a delicate web of family caregivers, community resources, providers, private payers and public programs.

Partners in Learning is a 5 Star Rated Licensed childcare program providing care for infants through 12 years old in Rowan County. A 5 star rating is the highest license attainable. The North Carolina Star Rated License was established in 1999 to better define the quality of child care in the state and to assist parents in choosing child care. Only 14% of all child care centers in North Carolina hold a 5 star license. NAEYC Accreditation represents the mark of quality in early childhood education.

Our Mission & Philosophy

Our mission is to model the highest quality learning environment that stimulates families and the community to provide optimal growth and development of children.Our vision is that families and the community will have the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute significantly to the optimal growth and development of children.
Partners in Learning’s educational philosophy is research-driven, experience-rich and will effectively help young children to learn in a way that is lasting and fosters a life-long love of learning. Research tells us, and our own experience proves that children learn best by discovering and constructing their own knowledge through hands-on fun learning experiences i.e….meaningful play.

How You Can Support Partners in Learning

Because Partners in Learning Child Development and Family Resource Center is a non-profit organization, support for our programs and services come from several different outlets in the community. Following is a list of ways that you can support Partners, and make a difference in the lives of some our community’s most vulnerable children. Learn more about donation opportunities here.

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Special Needs Fashion Show Scholarship Fundraiser

Join us for our 2nd Annual Special Needs Fashion Show, “Just As I Am”, supporting our Scholarship Fund. Partners In Learning provides center, home, and community programs to families in and around Rowan County. Through our inclusive center based early education program we serve 66 students with special needs or behavioral concerns. This equates to 42% of our enrollment! The actual cost of providing low ratio and highly specialized staff to serve these students far exceeds the cost we charge families. Many of these families are at an economic disadvantage already due to cost of multiple therapies. We want to ensure that the families we serve don’t endure further financial hardships while providing their child with high quality education. Research shows that high quality early education and intensive early intervention can make a huge positive impact on that child’s future.




You will not want to miss seeing our students shine in our “Just As I Am” Fashion Show. Below are testimonies from families who were stars in our Fashion Show last year.

“I’m grateful for Elsie going to PIL because she loves it and all her teachers. Everyone is so nice and they make her feel so special. Elsie requires patience and the staff at PIL have just that. When Elsie is happy at school, I’m happy because I know she’s being taken care of. I’ve had the best support from staff when it comes to Elsie’s needs, and I could never thank PIL enough.” ~ Stephanie

“I am so thankful for the staff at PIL! Gabriel has made such great progress since starting there. It was an amazing opportunity to be in the fashion show last year to show that it is ok to be a little different because that’s what makes you special. Plus free clothes!” ~ Candy




Event Sponsor



Greg and Missie Alcorn


Gold and Silver




Keith and Sarah Knight

Christopher and Renee Bradshaw