10 easy ways to develop a love for reading in your child.

Whose job is it to teach a child to read? Many people would say that it is the teacher's job to teach children to read.  However, reading starts at birth and it is the parents job to instill a love for reading in their children. When children enter school with a love for books and the written word; their chances of success is unmeasured!  So, what does this look like? Here are ten ways that you can encourage your child to love reading.  This should be done very early and regularly.

  1. Read to your Baby from the day they are born.
  2. Always, read them a book when they bring it to you. Even if it is the same book over and over again.
  3. Let your children see you read.  Read with your child.  Talk about what you are reading.
  4. Take your young children to the library. Sit and read with them at the library.
  5. When shopping with your child, instead of buying them a toy have them to pick out a book.
  6. Use the little libraries on the side of the road to take a book and leave a book.
  7. Leave books all over your house that you're child might pick up and read or look at the pictures.  Put a basket in your living room, set a basket in their bedroom, even put a basket in the bathroom.
  8. Limit their screen time.   Tell them they can play with their tablet/phone for the same amount of time that they read.
  9. Take the TV out of the bedroom! Allow them to read at night until they fall asleep or for at least 20 minutes. When they are not reading yet let them look at pictures in the books until they fall asleep.
  10. Read signs when you are in the car with your child.

Most importantly, remember that young children who go to school without the love for learning and reading will struggle.  It is our responsibly to set our children up for success.