Director’s Welcome

NormaWelcome to Partners in Learning Child Development and Family Resource Center. As a working parent, you face the difficult challenge of balancing the demands of work and the needs of your family. Partners In Learning provides an environment of support that builds upon family strengths and nurtures children’s growth in all areas of development, being sensitive to individual, cultural, and family differences.

Finding quality affordable childcare that is flexible to your work schedule is one of the most difficult and most important tasks you face. Partners In Learning understands and wants to help. You and your child can benefit from the peace of mind that comes from having a highly trained faculty and an excellent facility. Our daily goal is to provide a warm, nurturing environment for all children entrusted to our care. We are dedicated to the philosophy that every child in our care is unique and special.

Through careful guidance by our teachers, children are encouraged to grow and develop through age-appropriate activities and curriculum. We value and respect the important role parents play in their child’s education. We believe that children learn best through play; that is why our program is developed around theme-based curriculum that encourages all children to express themselves in the areas of educational, social, physical, and emotional growth of the whole child. Our staff serves as advocates for parents and children, and provide numerous resources for parents with community organizations.

~ Norma Honeycutt, Executive Director

Our History & Mission

Partners In Learning was conceived in the spring of 1996 by a grassroots group of individuals that wanted to build a model center that would include typical as well as children with special needs, and implement services that would enrich the lives of children and their families.

Our mission is to model the highest quality learning environment that stimulates families and the community to provide optimal growth and development of children.

Our vision is that families and the community will have the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute significantly to the optimal growth and development of children.

Quality Education


Our Philosophy

Children at PILPartners in Learning’s educational philosophy is research-driven, experience-rich and will effectively help young children to learn in a way that is lasting and fosters a life-long love of learning. Research tells us, and our own experience proves that children learn best by discovering and constructing their own knowledge through hands-on fun learning experiences” i.e….meaningful play.

We believe that for a variety of reasons, all children learn most effectively in a social setting with other learners. We know that learning with other people can be motivational because the interplay between learners provokes additional interest, support, and challenges. In addition, a rich variety of play experiences with others, is the very foundation whereby young children learn how to engage in social relations with others. Play is where children learn to effectively negotiate with their peers in order to get their needs met while still respecting the needs of others. Effective social interaction, from sharing to compromise to conflict negotiation, is the basic human currency for all society and is imperative for success in school.

We believe that it is through these types of active learning experiences that a child’s brain develops optimally. The latest brain development research offers a compelling argument for the need to increase active early learning experiences in order to optimize the brain’s development and functioning. Without significant active learning opportunities in early childhood, critical connections in the brain are compromised.

We know that these concrete active learning experiences lead to higher order abstract thinking. For young children, learning needs to be concrete before it can become abstract. Play-based active learning allows children to concretely explore their world, to discover new information, to develop language, and to utilize their ideas in meaningful ways to help them construct their own understanding of the world and how it works.

When learning is fun the spark is ignited for a child to feel a sense of mastery and confidence in himself as a competent learner” a recipe for life-long educational success!


How You Can Support Partners in Learning

Because Partners in Learning Child Development and Family Resource Center is a non-profit organization, support for our programs and services come from several different outlets in the community. Following is a list of ways that you can support Partners, and make a difference in the lives of some our community’s most vulnerable children. Learn more about donation opportunities here.




Embark on a new journey in the highly-rewarding career of a professional early childhood lead teacher in an environment that values your contributions and gives you the resources you need to implement high-quality, developmentally appropriate programs. Build strong relationships with children, parents, and colleagues while also enjoying the many unique aspects of teaching at Partners In Learning’s 5 Star, Nationally Accredited Program as a teacher and discover the rewards of guiding and nurturing children through these critical first years of life. Your knowledge, patience, loving nature and enthusiastic passion for working with young children ensures that each child grows and develops with a sense of confidence within a caring, enriching environment. Learn more about PIL career opportunities here. Submit resumes to


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