As parents we need to focus on learning not behavior charts.

I absolutely hate the behavior charts and how parents get so caught up in them.  I can remember picking up my own children when they were younger and asking them how their day was.  They would always tell me what color they were on or how many slips they had; whatever was the behavior chart at the time.

I would have thought that over a decade later, behavior charts would have been eliminated and there would have been more positive productive ways to handle behavior.  I soon learned after picking up a couple of my grandchildren from school and asking them how their day was that their responses were the same.

I decided that we may not be able to change the system, but we can change our questions.  Below is a great example of questions to ask your child when you see them after school.  It promotes critical thinking skills and promotes positive interaction with you at the end of their day.  It also takes the focus off of behavior and onto learning which is what school is all about.

You can find additional questions at 25 Ways to ask your kids about their day.