Are we keeping our kids hydrated?

The sun is making its appearance with its bursting summer rays! The temperature is rising and it’s getting HOT. My question to all parents is, are we keeping our kids hydrated? It’s probably not one of the first things that comes to mind but we need to make sure that our children are well hydrated while enjoying their physical play outdoors. Summer means staying outdoors longer and soaking the Suns rays, splashing in the water or catching fire flys in the night.

According to an article titled “6 ways to keep your kids safe this summer”, from, our children truly do not know how to tell when they are thirsty. Again Pinterest is one of my to go places to find ideas and I was not disappointed to find creative ways and should I mention healthy ways to keep our littl ones hydrated.

Many ideas range from flavoring water with fresh fruit, and frozen berries. A fun idea I found was making fun shape ice fruit ice cubes to add to water. Children should be drinking water every 20 minutes so keeping a cool pack is a good idea as well. A fun way to keep your children hydrating is making freezer pops, which can be made by using flavored water or making your own with different fruits. I believe this would be my favorite to stay hydrated. One of the last ideas I would like to share that I found is creating a “Hydration Station”, giving our children the opportunity to choose what they would like  and making it easily accessible to them as well.

Enjoy the summer and have fun with your kids image