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The Kid in the Middle

This is my grandson Peter. He is generally easygoing, flexible and able to entertain himself without much input from adults. Peter made a comment to me the Sunday that got me to thinking about birth order again. His older sister and her friend Erica had recently spent the weekend with me, and I suggested to […]

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gingerbread (2)


Do you remember what you bought your kids for Christmas two years ago or what you got them for their birthday when they were four? Chances are your child would be hard pressed to remember too. But, I bet they will remember who was there with them when they celebrated their holidays and milestones. What […]

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Alexis (3)

What about that quiet kid?

In any classroom dynamic you are sure to find at least one or two children who are highly demanding. These are often the children who demonstrate challenging classroom behaviors as a strategy for gaining adult attention. “Look at me. I’m standing on the table. I’m bound to be the focus of adult attention for this.” […]

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bossy girl

Little Miss Bossy

Little Miss Bossy arrives at her pre-kindergarten classroom each morning beaming with joy and ready to take charge. From the moment she enters the classroom until the time she leaves in the afternoon, she demands and commands everyone’s attention. She is bossy, controlling and often manipulative.   I have always struggled with this personality type. Avoidance […]

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