Music Lovers

Get out those drums, guitars, and other musical instruments! It is very important for babies to that babies are exposed to music and sounds especially once they are born. This helps babies to develop hearing and language development. Here is a look into the life of the Little Lambs classroom.

The past couple of months we have been blessed with a talented music teacher who brings her jazzy guitar and her bubbly personality to Partners In Learning. It was intended for her to sing with the older classrooms and we were accidentally left out of the classes until one day I said hey what about the infants, they love music too. So our wonderful music teacher joined us one Wednesday morning about 8:45. The infants were really not sure about her right off the bat, but once she opened her mouth to sing and play with her magical fingers, they were hooked. I was amazed of how drawn they were to her. She only plays for 15 minutes a week.

MusicHaving another person come into our classroom to give the infants an opportunity to hear music has made our weeks more enjoyable. She brings us new songs to teach our babies and gives them the same inclusion as the rest of the center. We have become really close with our music teacher and she provides us with lively entertainment. These babies have come to really love her. One infant gets so excited she bounces, claps and smiles when she hears her voice. That is what music is all about. It shows us teachers how the infants respond to the tone and volumes of the music that they hear.

This helps us when we are accessing the children later for developmental goals. So parents get out those drums, guitars and other musical instruments and play for your baby. It doesn’t have to be perfect they don’t judge us. They just want to move with you, move with you, They just want dance with you, dance with you.These are some words from one of the songs we sing. So play that funky music, get down tonight and fly away. Music is a great thing for the soul.