Fall Fun Time!

The dog days of Summer will soon be behind us, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to stop our outdoor adventures. Crisp Fall days are just around the corner and they perfect for throwing on a sweater or hoodie and embarking on family fun from sun up till sundown. Here are a just a few […]

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Reading to Your Young Child

Reading with your Young Child At just a few months of age, an infant can look at pictures, listen to your voice, and point to objects on cardboard pages. Guide your child by pointing to the pictures, and say the names of the various objects. By drawing attention to pictures and associating words with both […]

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Time Change and Children’s Sleep

Whether it involves setting the clocks an hour forward to welcome spring, or getting an extra hour of sleep to transition to the darker winter months, daylight savings time can impact your entire family’s routine. Those 60 extra minutes of slumber may not seem like much, but a toddler or a school-aged child can take […]

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