Playing Outside

There are many reasons why children need to play outside. While children are expressing themselves freely and playing with others, they are improving their health. Social skills are being developed while child are playing and sharing with others.Children are also expanding their attention span while   playing games like tag or just racing around the […]

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Did you say “bikes with no pedals?”

Do you remember your first bike? I know I do. It was white and pink with a little white basket, a bell, and training wheels. Something like the one below, only mine had streamers hanging from the handle bars. I remember not even having a helmet! Just like all my friends, I was eager and […]

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Marriage lessons from a dog

You would think after 35 years of marriage, I would have it all down pat. However, on a recent trip with my husband and my dog (Lucy),  I learned a valuable new lesson. My husband is always petting and talking to our dog.  He is so loving and affectionate with her.  I must admit at […]

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