It Takes Two To Talk

Are you concerned that your child may have a speech delay? Do people have trouble understanding your child’s speech? How can you offer additional support for your child who is currently receiving services? When is the right time to refer your child for speech services? Join us for a special presentation during a PIL support group on Tuesday, […]

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Merry Christmas Ya’ll… Wait, What?

My son, came running in the door this afternoon, ” Mom! It’s eight days until Christmas!” I mean, I knew Christmas was soon, but I didn’t realize that it’s exactly one week until Christmas Eve! Time sure does go faster than it used too. It feels like I was just running around yelling my favorite […]

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How To Get Rid Of Cabin Fever During Christmas Break

Schools are out for winter break, time to plan the activities!  What are some ways to occupy children during their two week break?  We already know if they could play on their iPad all day, they would!  PIL’s day camps are filled with field trips, outdoor activities at the center, scavenger hunts, plus more!  But […]

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