What kind of love do they deserve?

As many people know, I am a young married mother. I have two children and I am 25 years old, my husband and I have been married for 5 years. It is a known statistic that young marriages are less likely to last. Like with most marriages it’s a daily, job, you work at it […]

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How to turn “don’ts” into “wants”

I’m sure you have heard school agers say,” but I don’t want to go outside,” or “I don’t want to do anything.”  We never want to force a child to do something they completely don’t want to do, but we can encourage them.  As teachers it is part of our job to engage the children in […]

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It Takes Two To Talk

Are you concerned that your child may have a speech delay? Do people have trouble understanding your child’s speech? How can you offer additional support for your child who is currently receiving services? When is the right time to refer your child for speech services? Join us for a special presentation during a PIL support group on Tuesday, […]

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