Is Slime Worth Your Time?

Is Slime Worth Your Time? by: Krissy Weeks      Unless you have been living under a rock for the last six months, you are aware of the newest tween and teen craze that’s sweeping the nation. Of course, I am talking about Slime. You can buy kits at every big box store, watch how-to video’s […]

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Simple Sign Language – When, How & Why?

Whether you are a parent or a teacher, chances are you have been around kiddos who simply won’t or aren’t able to communicate with you. That can be frustrating for you, not being able to understand what they want, but imagine how difficult it must be for a child to not be able to tell […]

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Fun in the Snow!!

Imagine you’re stuck in your house for an unknown period of time with a toddler who is starting to climb the bookshelf because he, as well as you, is going stir-crazy. Well, that was exactly my life this past week when we got an unexpected 7 inches of snow and were trapped in our house […]

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