Is it beneficial to be bilingual?

Have you ever thought about bilingualism as beneficial to children? I used to not like the fact that I spoke Spanish at home and English at school, most likely because all the homework sent home was not readable by my parents. So I could not ask my mom for any help on my homework, I […]

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Be the change & add a smile

Kid’s are the sponges of the world and they listen to everything we say, but what about the things we don’t say?. I find that it is much easier to tell someone about all the bad they have done, rather then acknowledging the good. How can our children grow and encourage one another if we, […]

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Time Hop, Just Stop.

Time Hop, Just Stop. Everyday I log on to my Facebook account and the first thing that pops up is my Time Hop, or Facebook memories. Don’t get me wrong I love reminiscing about the good ole days when my babies, where actually babies and not actually big kids. I love looking at the pictures […]

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