Don’t let STRESS get the best of you!

Starting off a new week can be unpredictable at time’s. Especially when you work with kids. I never know which mood is going to enter the classroom. But either way i make sure i welcome each of my children with a warm “Good morning” or ” Glad to see you”. However, This Monday may have been the most difficult Monday of ALL Monday’s. I say this because all of the moods for that day consisted of bouncy,cranky, energetic, giggly, excited, discontent, devious, & a bunch more. Now take all those moods. Mix it up. and envision those moods showing its true colors at one

I found this to be very overwhelming. And of course stressful. Stress can be one of those things that is hard to avoid. We often worry about finances, our job, kids, priorities and the unexpected. No one like’s to feel consumed with endless thoughts of worry. So it’s important to know how to relieve your stress or manage it. Know that it is perfectly okay to stop and breath for a moment & clear your mind. In efforts to relieve my stress. I found that the following techniques from 30 Ways to De-stress worked wonders. My favorite thing’s to do is read an inspirational scripture. Or Deep slow breathing because it help settle my mind.

Everyday i encourage the kids to find a calming activity if they are feeling angry, overstimulated, annoyed, or even just to cool their engines. So with that being said. Relieving stress can ultimately make you feel like a brand new you.

stress free