Fire Safety First

This week, my NC Pre-K Seahorses are learning all about fire safety.  Not only is this lesson a fun lesson filled with literature, math, fine motor and imagination play, but it is also one of the most important lesson plans I teach all year.

A few years ago, I found this great video on line and it has become the most important part of Fire Safety Week:  

The use of rhyme and a fun beat, help the great information in this video really stick in their heads.  Every year, the kids ask to revisit this song during Circle Time all week long.  This year, I have even heard my students, teaching students in other classrooms during recess.  This video is important because it starts a very necessary conversation between you and your child.  This video helps me introduce fire safety in a way that is not too abstract or confusing for younger children. Not only does it talk about why to call 911, it also talks about “Stop, Drop, and Roll”, how and why you should make an escape plan, and things we “Don’t Touch,” like stoves, matches, and lighters.  After we finish the video, I like to do a mock 911 call using my cell phone, giving each child their own chance to be in the spotlight.  I start by going over how to pull up the phone portion of a smart phone by finding the phone icon.  Then we pretend to dial 9-1-1.  After that, I prepare them for what an operator will say ” 911 what is your emergency?”  Then what do we say? ” My house is on fire! Come quick!” Then we GET OUT FAST and remember, we never stop to grab toys. “We can always buy new toys.  We can not buy a new Talia, Taylor or Joseph.” After each student has had a turn and I have answered every question, we play the video one more time and practice our Stop, Drop and Roll.  I am not telling you all this to toot my own horn.  I am telling you how I do it, in hopes I will inspire you to have this conversation with your children tonight.  It’s important to talk about Fire Safety early and often with your children.  No one wants to think about their house catching on fire, but teaching your child about fire safety is not just important, it could save your child’s life.