Join us for our 3rd Annual Special Needs Fashion Show, “Just As I Am” fundraiserPartners In Learning provides center, home, and community programs to families in and around Rowan County. Through our inclusive center based early education program we serve 85 students with special needs or behavioral concerns. This equates to 30% of our enrollment! The actual cost of providing low ratio and highly specialized staff to serve these students far exceeds the cost we charge families. Many of these families are at an economic disadvantage already due to cost of multiple therapies. In addition to the center based families we serve, we provide family education and support services to over 250 families in Rowan County. It is our mission to provide these critical family support services at no or little cost to families! Please join us in supporting these children and families by making a donation to our Special Needs Fashion Show, Just As I Am”.

You will not want to miss seeing our students shine in our “Just As I Am”

Below are testimonies from families who were stars in our previous Fashion Shows

“I’m grateful for Elsie going to PIL because she loves it and all her teachers. Everyone is so nice and they make her feel so special. Elsie requires patience and the staff at PIL have just that. When Elsie is happy at school, I’m happy because I know she’s being taken care of. I’ve had the best support from staff when it comes to Elsie’s needs, and I could never thank PIL enough.” ~ Stephanie

“I am so thankful for the staff at PIL! Gabriel has made such great progress since starting there. It was an amazing opportunity to be in the fashion show last year to show that it is ok to be a little different because that’s what makes you special. Plus free clothes!” ~ Candy

“Justin and I are thankful for Partners In Learning for featuring us in their fashion show last year. I wanted everyone to see that Autism Spectrum Disorder is not only in children that have a physical disability but can be in children with a delayed development. I am thankful we were able to show the beauty of special needs and not just the challenges that can occur. We are thankful to Partner’s in Learning for being supportive and loving Justin just the way he is.” -Kendra 

“PIL has been with us from the beginning of our journey.  This facility understands how to care for him while he is there and I couldn’t no be happier with how they treat him!  I am so glad that Jon-Luke was able to participate to show the community that your battles can be invisible but very real.” -Tara



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