Is Inclusion good for all children?

Our center was built in 1996 with the mission to serve children with special needs in the classroom with typically developing children.  This is called inclusion.  Inclusion helps all children to succeed. “Children that learn together, learn to live together.”

Partners In Learning believes in:

  • The fact all children can learn
  • Welcoming all children and their unique gifts
  • Addressing each child’s educational needs
  • Inclusion is good for all children
  • A right of all children regardless of their disability

An inclusive classroom is a supportive, caring learning community in which every student feels accepted.  Typically developing children learn to care and respect all regardless of their level of ability.

Our mission includes sharing our knowledge with the community.  In the below photo Norma Honeycutt, Executive Director and Cassie Karriker, Early Intervention Director are posing at the North Carolina Exceptional Children’s Conference where they presented “Inclusion!  Challenge, Opportunity, or Both”.