Is it beneficial to be bilingual?

Have you ever thought about bilingualism as beneficial to children? I used to not like the fact that I spoke Spanish at home and English at school, most likely because all the homework sent home was not readable by my parents. So I could not ask my mom for any help on my homework, I was blessed to have older sisters though that filled those shoes for me. Growing up was always very different because being Mexican meant that our culture was differentbfrom most most of my peers at school. I have looked up the many benefits of being bilingual and there is many so this will only cover how it is beneficial to a child’s brain! Bilingual learning provides unique and powerful opportunities not only to cognitively but socially as well. Infants learning two languages by seven months have a much better response adapting and adjusting to environmental changes. There is boost in brain power, and children are usually creative gifters. The academic and intelligence is higher than their monologue learning peers. Bilingual children also have better literacy skills, and have a better sense of logical thinking. One of the most powerful things that stood out to me was that it helps mental health and reduces the risk for any bilingual to develop dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. That was powerful stuff right there. I found that in 2007 there was 19.73 % of bilingual children in the U.S., but I am sure that number has increased severely over the past nine years. In my opinion, I think we will all one day speak more than one language to be able to communicate regardless of our race. One of the best ways to start learning or teaching a new language is through songs and rhymes. The repetition allows the children to learn quickly and after being bilingual it becomes much easier to learn a third language. I would have never know all this when I Was younger and feeling different from others. I also found that being bilingual makes one more acceptable of other cultures. I feel this is very true because I am more open to trying and learning new things because it is different to me. I hope this makes you want to start learning a new language with your child, start with a song on YouTube and the endless ideas on Pinterest.