My kids will never…

When I was a teenager, well pre-baby teenager, I thought I knew everything about how my kids were going to act, look, and talk. My kids would never disrespect me, yell at me, lay in Walmart and scream for a toy, or even have an attitude when I asked them to do something. HA! I was wrong, very wrong indeed.

Here we are, we have sprung forward, lost and hour of sleep. No one knows this better than my sweet precious children who are very tired. It was getting close to time for nap, after church but I needed one little thing from Walmart of all places! Well, it will be fine. I THOUGHT. No! You know the little end capsules where they keep all the really cool looking stuff? Like Frozen Easter buckets? Karsynn is throwing her self down because she insist that we buy it, even after I give her the ” mommy is about to lose her mind up iimagen here” look.

I am just about at my breaking point when this young little teenager walk by and says ” my kids, will never do that.” It hit me like a ton of bricks, that used to be me.  I used to be the one saying how my kids won’t do this or that. But, my how the tables have turned.

When the girl walked by I really wanted to say something but I didn’t, so I just took a deep breath and dived in for more talking, negotiating, and helping her identify what’s really wrong and talk about maybe next time she can get the Frozen Easter basket but not today. Holding my ground because no, means no even if you scream really loud, even if it’s really embarrassing. I hope that if there is a mom out there in Walmart watching me that is struggling just like me and says, “next time that happens to me I am going to try and talk to my kid the way she is.”

My kids aren’t perfect, I am not perfect. Nothing in this motherhood situation went how I thought it should and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I am blessed to be able to be chosen to raise strong willed, independent, politcians ( I mean children).

Have a great week,




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