Natural Ways to Stay Healthy this Winter!

How many of you guys have avoided getting sick so far this year? If you are one of the few, consider yourself lucky! Let’s face it, everyone is at risk for catching one of the many bugs going around this winter, regardless of if you have gotten the flu shot or not!

What are some simple ways that I can protect myself and my family from the flu and other yucky bugs? If you have asked yourself this question anytime in the past couple of months, continue reading!

Natural remedies that I use with my family

** I am not a doctor and am no way trying to replace your physician or pediatrician’s advice. I am simply sharing some of the things that I do with my family that seems to have helped us stay healthy. I strongly recommend researching any of these methods before trying them so that you can decide if they are best for you and your family. If you feel like your situation is an emergency, please seek medical treatment. **

The overall best way to avoid the flu and other yuckiness is to have a healthy immune system. Probiotics are a great way to take care of the body while also arming yourself against bugs. We all know the basics, such as eating healthy, plenty of sleep, washing your hands as often as possible, disinfecting when you can, etc. But for adults and kiddos who need a boost, there are a few things you can do daily to lessen your chances of bringing germs home to the whole family. Which, by the way, if you or your child is sick with a fever or serious symptoms, PLEASE STAY HOME! The flu, especially, is highly contagious and can be spread when you or your child is around other people. So, if you are experiencing sickness, check out the following natural ways to knock out those germs so that you can feel better quickly.

Elderberry Syrup is a wonderful daily immune support option for both adults and children. You guys, this stuff is seriously some good stuff! Check out all of the benefits in the graphic below. Many people take a daily dose of elderberry syrup during the cold/flu season, but another option is to begin taking it when you start to feel something coming on or when you have been exposed to someone who was sick. The brand that my family uses has a bottle that is great for children, but I also use the same stuff. Taking elderberry syrup, especially before you even get sick, can shorten your symptoms once you are sick, by days!! That means extra DAYS of not being stuck on the couch and DAYS of being able to get back to work and school!

Elderberry Syrup
Benefits of Elderberry

Colloidal Silver is another miraculous little secret in the holistic community. It is a natural antibiotic and can be used for anything from ear infections, pink eye, cold/flu, pneumonia, bacteria & viruses, wound care, and even your pets!! It is best used once you are already experiencing symptoms, although some people do take it for short- and long-term immune support. I honestly cannot express how great this stuff is, so please research on your own and try it out yourself. Don’t let Google scare you away from colloidal silver though! Full disclosure: misuse and overdose can lead to some pretty serious problems, but do your homework, use it responsibly and you will not be disappointed!

Colloidal Silver
Colloidal Silver Benefits

Vitamin C & D are a basic and easy way to boost your immune system. You don’t even need to take a supplement, you can just drink some real orange juice every morning or grab a couple clementines for lunch. The dropper bottle in the photo below was suggested to me by a kind lady at Simply Good in downtown Salisbury. According to her, parents will come in looking for it as suggested by various pediatricians and the same parents will come back in to buy more bottles claiming that their kids never get sick while taking this deep immune support! Knowing the benefits of echinacea, I figured we’d give it a shot and I now include a dosage in my son’s daily elderberry drink.

Vitamin C and Echinacea/Astragalus

Activated Charcoal is your solution for when your kiddo comes home with the stomach bug. Yes, finally a natural remedy for sick tummies. Believe me, even the thought of vomit gives me serious anxiety, so I have armed myself with as many ways to prevent the experience as possible. The idea behind activated charcoal is that it is an absorbing agent and will absorb the yucky germs, slowing down or stopping the frequency of getting sick. Please do your research on this before using it, but I have heard stories of this stuff stopping the stomach bug in its tracks.

Activated Charcoal

We also use Essential Oils in our house, mostly in a diffuser at night. But there are some neat blends that I use both daily as well as when needed. The roller bottle below, called “Tummy All Better” is a blend that I use on my son anytime he seems a little queasy. I also use a “Germ Destroyer” blend (of course I couldn’t fit it to take a picture) on the bottom of his feet each morning before daycare. There are many benefits to using essential oils, but again, read up on their use and decide if they’re right for you and your family.

Essential Oil blend, “Tummy All Better”

Finally, I’m going to share what has been called the Flu Buster. It may sound crazy and disgusting, but you’ll have to try it for yourself to find out how great it is. When you’re feeling a cold/flu coming on, make up a batch of citrus juice, honey, cayenne pepper, ginger, and some garlic. Drink half a cup a few times a day while you still have symptoms. You might be surprised at how quickly you start feeling better!

I really hope that some of these remedies have or will help you and your family this flu season! No one enjoys being sick, so take steps now to boost your immune system and hopefully prevent bringing those bugs home! If you would like more information on any of these remedies or other holistic ideas, please feel free to comment below! All of the products listed above came from Simply Good in Salisbury and Plant Therapy online.

Disclaimer: I am not giving medical advice and this information should not replace the advice that you get from your health care provider. Please do your own research on any of these products before using them. 

Katie Miller