Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

Can you believe that it’s almost Easter? This time of year brings back so many childhood memories, including the egg hunts, dressing in your Sunday best, getting together with family, and of course all of the awesome Easter basket goodies! If you’re looking for ideas to fill those baskets for your kiddos, check out some of my suggestions below!

Photo Source: It’s a Fabulous Life

For Babies & Toddlers:
– Board books
– Bubbles
– Bath toys
– New cups/feeding supplies (I included a 360 cup in last year’s basket)
– Musical instruments
– Sensory balls

Older Children:
– Pool pass & toys
– Gift Cards
– Movie Tickets
– Activity/sticker books
– Board games
– Puzzles
– Dolls
– New sheets/room decor

Indoor & Outdoor Play:
– Chalk
– Crayons
– Water squirters
– Bug explorer kit
– Playdoh & Slime
– Pinwheel
– Kite
– Hula hoop

Stuff to Wear:
– Bathing suit
– Flip flops
– Cute hats
– Rain boots
– Rain jacket
– Sunglasses
– Child’s Umbrella

Last year, I made some egg shakers for my son that I included in his Easter basket. I bought clear eggs from Dollar Tree and filled each of them with various things (Salt, dry oatmeal, dry grits, buttons, one big rock, small pebbles). To prevent the smaller pieces from falling out of the tiny holes in the eggs, I hot glued the holes from the inside. The eggs have been a hit, both last year and now. These would be great for most ages!

I hope that you were able to get some unique ideas that you can include in your child’s Easter basket this year! Please share any ideas that you have used in the past!

Katie Miller

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