Peacocks NC PreK Classroom


Studies have found that learning improves when children are engaged in an enjoyable and meaningful activity. That’s why every curriculum includes a variety of intriguing activities that stimulate early brain development with a focus on creative play. Although it may all look like kids having fun, it is also learning in action. It’s just another way that we make sure your child gets the most out of his or her preschool experience.

Additionally, we spend a lot of time just listening to and talking with preschoolers. This type of positive interaction encourages the development of emotional, language, and social skills, and enhances the development of a positive self-esteem.

Our Curriculum, The Creative Curriculum focuses on the concept that children learn best through play. It is important for children to have opportunities to construct their own knowledge through exploration, interaction with materials, and imitation of role models. Our goal is to provide the foundation for children to achieve the skills they need before continuing their education.

At the core of The Creative Curriculum for Preschool are well-planned learning centers that allow for child choice and self-directed play, small groups, and supportive teaching that prepares children for academic excellence. The development of language, mathematical reasoning, and scientific thought is emphasized throughout all the centers. Changes to the learning environment, activities, and projects reflect emerging interests and individual goals. Learning centers offer guided experiences that encompass all the skills and understandings necessary for optimum development and success in school.

Typical centers include: Language/Library, Technology/Computers, Construction/Blocks, Science, Dramatic Play, Outdoor Learning, Art/Creative Expression, Music and Movement, Sensory: Sand and Water, Math/Manipulatives

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