Positive Parenting: How to Plan for Success

Planning is the key to you and your child’s success when going out.  Planning will help a parent keep their sanity and make the child feel successful.  Have you ever seen parents waiting in a doctors office, at a meeting, in line, or church and their child misbehaving.  The parent spends their time fussing at their child, making threats, and even “taking them to the bathroom” for a spanking.  Both the parent and child leave frustrated and feeling defeated!

All of this can be avoided by having a plan.  The biggest part of the plan includes packing a bag for the child.  This will take 5 minutes and change your life and allow you to have positive time with your child.  Developmentally, young children (under eight) shouldn’t be expected to sit quietly and wait for long periods of time.

Recently, I took my two-year-old grandson, Oliver to church.  You can imagine how sour that could go quickly.  A two-year-old can’t just sit and be quiet for an hour.  I planned ahead and packed a bag.  I packed some barbie dolls, quiet cars, crayons, and paper.

Oliver sat quietly and played the entire service.  We both left feeling successful and not stressed.  We went out to eat after at a popular restaurant.  You know what that meant; more waiting.  Once again, that toy bag came in handy.  It was a Nana win kinda day by putting Triple P into practice!

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By:  Norma Honeycutt, Executive Director