At Partners In Learning the journey doesn’t end when your child goes off to school. We consider you always a part of the family. Please fill our our alumni form so that we may keep in touch. Make sure to follow us on Facebook to keep up with the latest and greatest at Partners In Learning.

BrownLindsay Brown
Lindsay Brown is going to the University of Arizona and plans to became a Nurse Practitioner. She earned a 3.475 GPA in high school. Lindsay has turned into sure a beautiful person in the inside. She has a giving heart and always has a smile. Remember we used to call her Smiley.Thanks for giving her such a great start in life Partners In Learning. Cheri Brown


Grace Howell PIL class of 2005 will be graduating from 8th grade in 2014 and heading to East Rowan High School. After high school Grace is considering pursuing her education and career in Real Estate.

Jordan_DanielsJordan Daniels PIL class of 2008 will be graduating from 5th grade in 2014 and attending Erwin Middle School. Jordan is excited about middle school and having a locker!





ElizabethElizabeth Simmons, PIL class of 2001, plans to attend North Carolina State University to major in psychology with a minor in business. Graduating with honor and with academic excellence all 8 semesters of high school, she was 9th in her class of 211. She was voted by senior student body to give a graduation speech. She has received three college scholarships.