infant-playOur infant program provides a safe, warm and nurturing environment, while at the same time offering multiple planned and stimulating opportunities for your child to discover, explore, and learn. Our staff fully understands each of the developmental stages that an infant moves through on the way to becoming a toddler. It is this understanding of early age education that allows them to guide infants to develop motor skills, increase language awareness, and form positive, secure relationships with their ever expanding world.

Effectively stimulating an infant’s senses (sight, hearing, touch and smell) is essential in ensuring that a baby’s brain and body properly develop. Our Creative Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers provides a comprehensive framework that emphasizes the relationships between the teachers/caregivers and children and their families form the basis of curriculum for very young children.


What Parents Are Saying

“As parents, one of the hardest decisions we face is deciding who will care for our children while we work to provide for them. This was a decision that my husband and I struggled greatly with. We were looking for a place that would not only care for our children but would also build a foundation of learning that would set them in the right direction. We found that place at Partners In Learning. We could not be happier with the results we get from Partners. However, while it is true that Partners has a solid curriculum that prepares children for elementary school, that is not the main reason we take our children there. We take them there each day because they are taught strong morals, treated fairly, and above all else because they are loved unconditionally. My husband and I take great comfort in knowing that the teachers and staff at Partners will be there for our children when we can’t be.

When we plan my son’s birthday parties, the first people he wants to invite are his teachers and they come. When we talk about right and wrong, he quotes the things that they have taught him at school. When we tell him that we are proud of something he has done, he says, My teacher was, too. My daughter is now seven months old is fortunate to be receiving the same solid foundation and loving care that my son has had the pleasure of receiving for the last four years. For my children Partners has created a home away form home. I am forever grateful for the family at Partners In Learning and for the love that they share with every child that comes through their doors. ~Karen Hollar

The texts, pictures, and general level of approachability and friendly atmosphere, spoke volumes about quality of care. I cannot say enough good things about the Infant classroom. ~ Terri Gilbeau


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