Family Support Services

Families are the most important component to a child’s development. At Partners In Learning, we encourage their participation in a variety of ways. Through parent conferences and home visits, families have an opportunity to help develop their child’s educational goals. For children with special needs, parents are an integral part of developing their child’s Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) or Individual Education Plan (IEP) which determine goals and objectives for the coming year. Parents are encouraged to volunteer in their child’s classroom, throughout the center, or for special events or class field trips according to their availability.

Outreach services Partners In Learning therapists and early childhood special educators offer outreach services to community child-care organizations. We provide direct assistance, as well as consult with staff members and caregivers regarding how their facility could enhance and/or improve early intervention services. Our recommendations increase providers confidence and help them to offer effective developmental support.

Advocacy – Let us help to teach you how to be a more effective advocate for your child. We offer consultation including face to face, record reviews, assistance and participation in meetings for goal planning and placement. Visit the Wrightslaw website for more information about advocacy and special education.

If you would like to find out how to enroll your child with special needs, please contact Cassie Carriker, Early Intervention Director, at or call 704-638-9020.

“Inclusion is changing the rules of the game so everyone can play and everyone can win.” – Richard Villa

Support Groups

We offer Autism and Down Syndrome Support Groups. Check the Events page for days and times.

Our support groups facilitate a network of families and resources that ae available to help parents of children with and without disabilities. Parents may feel isolated and overwhelmed with the medical, emotional, financial, educational and social issues they face as they raise their child. Through our support groups, we provide information regarding resources for children and their families within the community. Our groups also serve as a forum to discuss various topics that are focused on the needs of the parents and families. Our support groups are not only a source of vital information, but they also help parents build and maintain interpersonal relationships with other parents. Through these resources and relationships our parents feel less isolated and more empowered.

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Learn more about our Cyber Support Group here.