“Sky’s the Limit!”

When you think of day camps, or after-school programs, what do you think of?  As a School Age Coordinator, I want the children to think big of what they can do here.  Can and can’ts should not be too hard to differentiate.  If a field trip isn’t planned one day during a day camp when schools are out, what is there to do?  Now, think big! How about bringing their bikes to PIL for a bike ride? Partners In Learning has done that before, and the teachers ride their bikes too!  Being on Catawba’s campus, it gives our program more room for limitations.  We found a safe route, and let the kids enjoy their bikes outside of their home.  This gave the kids something to look forward to and talk about for the rest of the day.

after schoolAfter being in school all day we encourage as much outside time as possible when they get here to our after-school program.  Ok, think big again as to what kids can do for fun for the next 2 1/2 hours before their parents pick them up.  What about a campfire? Partners In Learning has done that before too! With close supervision of the campfire, the kids roasted marshmallows when they got off the bus.  Talk about giving them something to brag about! Thinking about it, it’s about time for another one!

If it is for a full day when school is out or for 3 hours for after-school, we want the children to be able to do big here, have fun, and learn outside the box!