Partners In Learning is truly grateful for its wonderful teachers. Every month, we like to highlight our staff.

Teachers of the Month- May 2019

Teacher of the Month at Novant Campus

I would like to nominate Kay Hunter. Kay is willing to go above and beyond. 

She helps in all areas of the classroom. She is willing to listen and provide

support where possible. She is consistent with her attendance and is a

team player. -Ms Robin





Teacher of the Month at Catawba Campus

I chose Alexis as the teacher of the month because she is an amazing teacher.

Ever since she has came into the Ducks classroom she has been so eager to learn

the routine and about all of the children. Alexis has a willingness to help and take

on task whenever needed. I know I can send her an idea for something in the classroom

and she finds way to make it better! The Ducks are lucky to have Alexis as a teacher! I am

blessed to have her as a co-teacher! -Ms. Tiffany




Teachers of the Month- April 2019

Teacher of the Month at Novant Campus

My pick is Mrs. Robin. She is always there and always engaged with the children.                                                                                       

She keeps them busy. She always has a ready smile and helping attitude.

I think she’s great! -Audrey Atkinson

Teacher of the Month at Catawba Campus


Tiffany  started in the ducks to help me throughout my journey. She picked up the routine,

learned the children’s names, and what each one needed individually. She has such a passion

for helping the children to learn and keeps them involved in different activities during the day.

Tiffany has a heart of gold, always thinking of others, I love working with her, she rocks the classroom.

Teachers of the Month- March 2019

Teacher of the Month at Novant Campus

 I would like to choose Mrs. Audrey for teacher of the month.  Some people
may not think of her as a teacher since she is the one that makes all of our
delicious meals, but in my eyes she is a one of a kind type of teacher.  She
may not be in the classroom, but she works just as hard as we do if not more.
Every time she enters the classroom, the children are always excited to see her.
  She always takes the time to greet the children and engage in small conversation.
Mrs. Audrey doesn’t just work in the kitchen, she helps in classrooms, giving
potty breaks, and watching the front when is needed.  She is always there to lend a
helping hand.  Mrs. Audrey is the best and should be recognized for being such a superwoman.
We love you Mrs. Audrey – Amber Poole

Teacher of the Month at Catawba Campus

Mrs. Laura Medford is teacher of the month because she has shown all of us the true meaning of love,

strength and work dedication ! She arrives to work each and every day that she is able , greeting staff and

children with smiles and hugs ! She continues to work hard in the classroom and other areas where

she is needed !I admire her beautiful soul filled strength and personality !

She has truly made great lemonade out of the lemons that she has been handed in life !
Mrs. Laura ,
I love you for the person you are !
You inspire me daily !
Ms. Pam Ingram

Teachers of the Month- February 2019

Teacher of the Month at Novant Campus

“So I truly believe that Amber deserves to be teacher of the month.

She is a hardworking individual who dedicates her life to not only
working with kids but working for them. She has such a passion for this
job and it is so easy to see. She works hours off the clock to make sure
that these children can have the best classroom and the best experience
each an every day that they walk through the front door. Whenever there
is a possible project at hand she completes it immediately and starts
integrating it into every day activities so that these children can
better learn and grow. She has taught me so much in the short amount of
time I have been working here and I am so very grateful for her. I
couldn¹t have asked for a better mentor in the class and for children.
She is an outstanding teacher and I hope to be half the teacher that she
is one day.” ~ Jenna

Teacher of the Month at Catawba Campus

“Ms. Pam is a great individual and cares for our PIL children as her own.
She works hard to help in the classroom doing tasks and engages with the
children through play to help them learn. She has a vibrant spirit that encourages
both children and adults.” ~ McKenzie


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