There is a double standard for dads.

Have you ever noticed how when people see a man with the baby or a child they’re like “oh how cute, what a great dad”. Or rather I should say, when women see them. We even comment to each other about what a great daddy he is and we say this in front of our own children.   I have really noticed this lately, since I have a new grandson.  I noticed that everywhere we went when my daughter was carrying him around nursing him, changing his diaper, etc. there was no “oh, what a great mom” or “oh, how sweet”.  However, when my son-in-law would pick him up to carry him in and out of the restaurant, or just hold him; everyone was looking at him and smiling and acting like it was the most wonderful thing in the world.

Great dad
Dustin (daddy) with his children
daddy carrying baby
On his way to church










This really got me to thinking, why is it that we think it is so special when daddies take care of their children, and it is just expected of a mother?  What message are we sending to dads and our own children.  Are we saying that it is expected that mothers should take care of their children and it is just nice if the Daddy helps out?   Do you think there will ever be a day when it just becomes common practice that all daddies are as involved and engaged with their children that they don’t receive a second glance either?  I wonder! I wonder what it will be like when my grandchildren grow up?  I wonder if daddy’s will be viewed the same way they are today.  My personal hope would be that daddy’s raising children is so common practice that other women will not look at them like it’s something special. We all need to be careful with the messages that we are sending to the dads, moms, and children in our lives.   Think about it!  Check out Dad’s share the crazy childcare things people say to them.