Time Hop, Just Stop.

Time Hop, Just Stop.
Everyday I log on to my Facebook account and the first thing that pops up is my Time Hop, or Facebook memories. Don’t get me wrong I love reminiscing about the good ole days when my babies, where actually babies and not actually big kids. I love looking at the pictures an videos that I have posted of them, three, four, and six years ago, I mean they are adorable. But, it also brings feelings of loss. I feel like I have rushed right through their childhood and it has flashed before my eyes. They always say, don’t blink because you will miss it.



I am going to make a more conscious effort to be more aware and slow down not only when we have big plans, but on those rainy Saturdays when there’s nothing but time. I am going to take full advantage of those days, the days that I can’t get back. I want to remember as much as possible about their childhood and our life together. Below are a few things that my family are going to start doing to maximize our time together.
Movie Mondays- Every Monday this summer we will not be pushed for bedtime so we are going to watch a movie together. Pop some popcorn and just get some good snuggling in!
Trampoline Tuesdays- Go outside and jump on the trampoline with them, hook the sprinkler up to the trampoline, or play games with them on the trampoline.
Water Wednesday- Let’s go outside make mud pies, and go swimming, and throw water balloons at each other.
Thankful Thursday- Make thank you notes for our friends, and family and mail them.
Fun Friday- Well, find something fun to do together!
You may need to alter these for the needs of your family, but you get the idea.
I know that this may seem impossible with busy schedules, but you really only need a few minutes to show your kids that you want to have fun with them, and this time next year when Time Hop tries to remind you how fast you are missing out on their lives you will know that you have spent as much time with them as possible.