Too Busy, Too Often.

As you know, life is ridiculously busy these days. Everyone is just trying to get ahead, prepare for the future, do what they think is best for their kids. But, when is it too much?
I am a mother of two, I work full time, go to school part time at Western Carolina, my husband plays softball and my son plays baseball and my daughter is about to start gymnastics. So needless to say, I know the busy life. It’s nuts, I am rushing from one thing to the next just trying to make sure that everyone get where they are suppose to and are clothed and fed. I often wonder if I am trying to do too much.
I found this article on Kid’s Health  that talked about managing the crazy, busy schedules.

  1. FB_IMG_1462816482209Agree on ground rules before hand: Limit the number of times that the child will be competing or active in extra curricular activities to 2-3 times a week.
  2. Try to carpool: Make life easier for yourself.
  3. Try to balance activities for all your kids and yourself: It doesn’t seem fair to be throwing all this time and energy into one child’s activities and not yourself and letting your other children participate in activities as well.
  4. Create family time: Plan time for unscheduled, and unrushed family time. For instance Pizza, and park days, or board games or riding bikes.
  5.  Remember to take down time: Everyone needs a day to do nothing and just relax.


Kid’s Health
Don’t get to busy trying to earn and living, and boast your child’s abilities that you forget to let them be just kids. Kid’s who run after ice cream trucks, and play in the sprinkler!