What’s on your parenting top ten list

Every parent wants their child to grow up to be happy productive adults. Every parent wants what’s best for their child.  But, how often do we think about what that really look like?

When I go with my youth from church to summer camp, I always ask them to make a list of the top 10 things that they will look for in finding their future husband or wife.  We discuss how sometimes when we start dating, our hearts replace our heads.  This is where the list comes in; it’s time for them to pull it out to  see if that person is a match.   I also ask them to consider that the top three items are deal breakers.  They are to avoid those people altogether.

So… It got me to thinking about how young parents should make a top ten list of their dreams for their child as they become an adult.   What would you include on your top ten list as a parent? More importantly than that, what steps are you going to take as a parent to help your child reach these dreams. Those top ten things can become a road map for you to follow as you raise your child.


For example, if you want them to grow up to be kind how are you teaching that? If you want them to live a life of service; are you giving them service opportunities?   If you want them to have a good job and be honest, do you make sure you’re always honest? Are you reliable?


Take a few minutes and make out that top 10 list.   Hang it in a place where you will see and remember it regularly.  Your dreams for your child really can come true with a little extra effort on your part!

Norma W. Honeycutt, Partners In Learning Executive Director