Why? Why? HUH? What did you say?

Why? Why? Huh? What did you say?

If you have ever met a child around the age of 2.5-3 years old ( possibly older) you have heard it a thousand times. You tell your child something such as “ Let’s go eat lunch.” Now that sounds like a very simple statement. There is no question about what you have told your child, but wait for it here it comes…

Child says “ But, Why? Or Huh? Or What did you say?” You know that your child heard you, you know they are just asking to be asking right?
Well, my precious daughter loves to say “ HUH? What did you say?” and a little girl in my class LOVES to ask WHY about everything. “ Let’s change your diaper.” why? “ because you are wet” why? “ because you didn’t go to the potty” why? And it goes on and on and on.

With my daughter,she looks me right in the face and she does not have any type of hearing impairment. I will say, it’s time for bed. “ HUH? What did you say?” It drives me insane! But I have figured a trick, well reverse psychology if I may.
When your child is asking you for the 10,000th time “why? how come? what?” and all those questions that you go round and round with them trying to answer. Ask them this “ why do you think?”

Time for a diaper change.
Because you have a wet diaper.
Why do you think your diaper is wet?
BAM! Just like that they are stumped and they have to stop thinking about saying why, for the millionth time and they actually do some critical thinking.
For the HUH? child, I haven’t quite been as successful with this one because she is strong willed like her mother and likes to win at anything and everything. But I am going to be consistent!
Time to go inside.
Huh? What did you say?
You know what will help you hear me better, if you come a little closer. ( Squats down to her level) I know it’s hard for you to hear me but I need you to listen close because it’s important. ( Starts to whisper) It’s time to go inside because it’s time for dinner and I can hear your belly growling from here!
It’s worked a whole three times me squatting down to her and asking her to come a little closer, but hey that only makes 9,997 times I had to repeat myself.
Until next time,
Mrs. Cassie