What’s more fun than digging for worms in the mud after a rain?  Bringing them inside and putting them in their very own habitat in the classroom – that’s what!


We recently did just that in one of our NC Pre-K classes.  The children took turns preparing the habitat by layering a small, round, fish tank with sand and soil.  The soil was taken from our outdoor learning environment, so it was already rich with a variety of decaying leaves and wood from fallen trees. The worms themselves also came from our own outdoor area, collected after a couple days of rain, so they were close to the surface and easy to find.

Everyone wanted to get a close look at the worms before putting them in their own home, and many wanted to touch them too, which we encouraged!  Once the worms were placed on the surface, we went to our classroom compost bucket to find some yummy food for our squirmy little friends.  Fresh pears were served at breakfast that day, so a core broken into little pieces was placed in the habitat. We found a corner of the classroom that wasn’t too bright, put the top on the tank, and that was it!

The new classroom “pets” are fun to watch as they tunnel through the layers of sand and soil, eating and digesting, and making the soil richer in nutrients.