What is ABA?

There is treatment available for individuals and families of those diagnosed with autism. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an evidence-based practice that has been proven as the most effective treatment for individuals with autism. ABA is a field of psychology that is dedicated to studying and understanding human behavior as well as working to improve socially significant behaviors. ABA focuses on skill acquisition, teaching new, functionally related alternative behaviors as well as academic, self-care, motor, and social skills. ABA is effective due to its foundation in scientific research and data collection. The scientific research has been conducted in both controlled settings as well as in the natural environment. Each treatment program that is created in ABA is individualized based on the individual and their specific needs.

Autism is a developmental disability that is often characterized by impairments in language and communication skills, as well as in social interactions. The severity of impairment varies in each individual which is why it is a spectrum disorder. Individuals are identified as mildly, moderately, or severely affected. For those that are identified as mildly affected, you may hear them referred to as high functioning. Currently 1 in 54 children nationally are being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  Autism is 4 times more common in males than it is in females.

Early intervention is important when looking at treating skill deficits. It has been proven that individuals who receive early diagnosis and early and intensive intervention have the best long-term outcomes.  Although early intervention is important, it is never too late to start services. ABA can be used with individuals of all ages. If you feel that your child is not meeting milestones, do not be afraid to reach out to your pediatrician and seek help. You can also reach out to our Early Intervention Director for assistance. For more information on our Special Needs Support, click here

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