Behavioral Support

Children need supportive and caring relationships in order to develop full and active lives. However, disciplining a child with special needs and/or behavioral challenges can be difficult for parents. We offer behavior support in and out of the classroom. Children will learn positive behaviors, and families and caregivers will be given tools for positive behavioral interventions to help mitigate unwanted behaviors.

Our behavioral supports are individually designed and positive, emphasize learning, offer choice and social integration, are culturally appropriate, and include modifying environments as needed.

Positive Behavioral Supports should be:

  • Designed in a person-centered process involving the individual
  • Developed to match broader medical, psychological, and educational goals
  • Based on an analysis of the behavior and the circumstances under which it occurred
  • Developed with consideration of the ease and practicality of implementation

Behavioral support should prevent challenging behaviors, teach new skills that may replace challenging behaviors, prevent the on-going reward for the challenging behavior, reinforce positive behavior, ensure safety, and provide information (to you) on the effectiveness of the support.

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