School-Age Programs

Summer Enrichment Program

A full day (7:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.) of fun and learning Monday – Friday!

Our Summer Enrichment Program offers fun-filled summer learning opportunities each week of summer (follows Rowan Salisbury School Summer dates). Each week, students experience sports programs, nature, performing arts, and special events. Students will have the opportunity to expand their horizons during the summer, embarking on new adventures, and having fun, all while learning valuable skills! Our exceptional program and dedicated staff create an environment that forges lifelong friendships among students. Come join Partners In Learning and create a summer experience that your child will never forget!

We would love to meet your family! Call to schedule a tour of our facility and see if Partners In Learning is right for you. We open at 6:30 a.m. and close at 6:00 p.m. Children must arrive by 9:30 a.m.

After-School Program

According to the Afterschool Alliance, results from quality programs demonstrate the benefits of after-school:

The Academic Impact:

  • Improved Test Scores and Grades: The Promising Afterschool Programs Study, a study of about 3,000 low-income, ethnically-diverse elementary and middle school students, found that those who regularly attended high-quality programs over two years demonstrated gains of up to 20 percentiles and 12 percentiles in standardized math test scores respectively, compared to their peers who were routinely unsupervised during the after-school hours.
  • Improved School Attendance and Engagement in Learning: A five-site evaluation of the Boys & Girls Clubs’ national Project
    Learn program found a reduction in absences among participants, from 6.4 days per school year at baseline to 2.19 days per school year at follow-up.  This was especially notable when compared to non-participants whose absences increased over that same 30-month period.
  • Higher Graduation Rates: Chapin Hall’s study of Chicago’s After School Matters program found that, over their high school careers, students enrolled in the program for three or more semesters and those who participated at the highest levels had higher graduation rates and lower dropout rates than similar students not in the program.

The Social, Safety and Familial Impacts:

  • Promotion of Self-Concept and Healthy Choices: The Promising Programs evaluation found that regular participation in quality after-school programs is linked to “reductions in behavior problems among disadvantaged students,” including “significant reductions in aggressive behaviors with peers,” “reductions in misconduct,” and “reduced use of drugs and alcohol.”
  • Keeping Children Safe and Healthy: A 2007 evaluation of the LA’s BEST program found that children attending LA’s BEST are 30 percent less likely to participate in criminal activities than their peers who do not attend the program.  Researchers estimate that for every dollar invested, the program saves the city $2.50 in crime-related costs.
  • Helping Families and Encouraging Parental Participation: Parents in the TASC study said that the program helped them balance work and family life: 94 percent said the program was convenient; 60 percent said they missed less work than before because of the program; 59 percent said it supported them in keeping their job; and 54 percent said it allowed them to work more hours.  In addition, 31 percent of principals reported that TASC greatly increased parents’ attendance at school events and 15 percent reported that it increased parents’ attendance at parent-teacher conferences. 

School-Break Camp

Partners in Learning also has a Summer Enrichment Program, a Winter Break Camp, and a Spring Break Camp.

  • Kindergarten – 12 years of age
  • Trained, Experience Adult Supervision
  • Small groups and Low Ratios

Our camps will help your child develop character, learn valuable life skills, make new friends and discover new interests. The weekly Day Camp themes help the camps create an atmosphere of fun and learning at the same time. The themes guide the weekly activities like arts and crafts, nature activities, games, contests, team-building games, speakers and field trips. Themes will be implemented through the use of literacy building activities and technology. ALL activities including breakfast, lunch, & snack are included in the weekly tuition.