Capital Campaign Donors 

Greg and Missie Alcorn
David and Rhonda Alderman
Adam and Tracy Baird
Elizabeth Baker
Gwin Barr
Domonique and Katie Earl Bates
Michael Bauk
Jane and Mark Benson
Rachel Bernheim
Blazin Keys
Edith and Larry Bolick
John Brincefield
Dr. Lyn and Jay Boulter
Heather Brady
Charles Buckley
Jesse Byrd
Dr. Dari Caldwell
David Caldwell
Karen Campbell
Shawn and Leah Campion
Cannon Foundation
Mike Caskey
Central Carolina Insurance
Sara Clymer
Lane Wallace and Jonathan Coarsey
Hodge Coffield
Raymond and Kay Coltrane
Steve Colwell
Chip Comadoll
Barbara Corridor
Darryl and Barbara Corridor
Barbara and Darryl Corriher
Christina Crawford
Hayley Crisco
Ashley Currin
Andrea Davis
Dr. Ann Davis
Ashley Deaton
Jay and Meg Dees
John Woodward Dees
Troy and Paula Dibley
Shelby Dickerson
Beverly Dillard
Beth Dixon
Mark and Allison Doby
Katharine and Windsor Eagle
Frank and Nancy Eason
Larry and Frances Edwards
Dylan Ellerbee
John and Anne Ellis
Edwards Jones
F&M Bank
Family of Paul E Fisher
Steve and Robin Fisher
Luke and Diane Fisher
Food Lion
Delaine Fowler
Friends of Rowan
Julie Gainer
Cheryl Goins
Nick and Jessica Goodman
Bill and Shari Graham
Jimmy Green
Cathy Griffin
Max and Amanda Grieshaber
Denise Hallett
Daniel Helms
John and Jayne Helms
Sarah Helms
John and Hen Henderlite
Dan Henderson
Laura Hilla
Tina Hoffman
Carrie and Raymond Holz
Mark and Norma Honeycutt
Kay Hunter
Gerry Hurley
Belinda Hutson
Celia and Steve Jarrett
James Javurek
William and Amy Jeffries
Cassie and Kenny Karriker
Gary and Alex Kenny
Dr Kenneth and Judy Keppel
Tim Keppel
George and Margaret Kluttz
April Lamanno
Mckenzie Lamb
Harrison Latimer
Anna Lingle
Christy Little
Brittani Manning
Annaig Masingo
Dr. Christopher and Melissa McIltrot
Tara McLellan
Dwight and Deborah Messinger
Bud and Betty Mickle
Jennifer Misenhiemer
Fran Misner
Mona and Gianni Moscardni
John and Susan Muth
Vaughn and Eva Nelson
David Nelson
North Hills Christian School
Owen and Elizabeth Norvell
Glenwood Oats Jr.
Kathryn and Dirk Ohley
Mary Katherine Parr
Darren Parsons
Peeler Foundation Peeler Foundation
April Pearman
Branson and Carmon Pethal
Jolene Philpott
Ott and Julie Pinkston
Amber Poole
David Post
Jon and Libby Post
Jeff Ralston
Delisha Rankin
Carl and Mary Repsher
John Reynolds
Dr Julianne Richard
Carl and Susie Ritchie
Laura Ritchie
Mark and Jane Ritchie
Hap and Annette Roberts
Eric Rouse
Jennifer Rouse
Rowan County
Bobby and Kathy Rusher
Bruce and Kathy Sanborn
Salisbury Kiwanis Charities
Peter and Paula Schupp
Tamara Sheffield
Lea Silverburg
Andrea Smith
Charles and Beth Sowers
Elaine Spalding
Rikki Spencer
Aleshya Spruill
Fred and Alice Stanback
Joanne Stewart
Andrea and Jeff Talston
Taylor Clay Products
Melonie Thompson
Dr Tommy and Trudy Thompson
Dr Samuel Tuluri
Bill and Ann Mills Wagoner
Jammie Wale
Jonathan and Lane Wallace
Mr and Mrs Leo Wallace
Jason and Tracy Walser
John Wear
Ralph and Susan Wear
Caroline and Russ Weiker
Paul and Lynn Weisler
Charles and Lauren Whaley
Ben and Eva White
George White
Jay and Sharon Whittington
Beverly Williams
Jason and Gail Williams
Alfred Wilson
Kay Wilson
Brenda And Gerry Wood
Gayle Yatawara
Bill and Susan Yost