When we think of staff development we often think about it for teachers in the kindergarten through high school years. However, it is just as important, if not more so for teachers who teach infants through Preschool. You may be asking yourself why: during these years 90% of a child’s brain is developed. This means that these teachers are building the potential for the young child’s future.

At Partners In Learning, we take this very seriously! We have two full staff development days each year., One of the spring and one in the fall. We just finished our fall staff development day.  We are blessed to have a board of directors and families that understand the importance of this.   This year community leaders really helped us. The Rowan Salisbury School System, St Johns Child Development Center, and Cornerstone Child Developmental Centers allowed our staff to come and observe in their classrooms. St. Johns provided a space for all of the teachers to come back together and debrief from the observations. The teachers worked together to develop plans for their classrooms. They were then given part of the afternoon to work in their classrooms. We cannot thank the community enough for placing a high value in early education.


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