About Us

Norma W. Honeycutt,
M.Ed., Executive Director

Welcome to Partners In Learning Child Development and Community Impact Center.


As a caregiver, you face the difficult challenge of balancing the demands of work and your family’s needs. Partners In Learning provides a broad array of services and supports sensitive to individual, cultural, and family differences.

 You and your child can benefit from the peace of mind that comes from having highly trained staff and an excellent facility. Our daily goal is to provide a warm, nurturing environment for all children entrusted to our care. In addition, our team serves as advocates for parents and children and offers numerous resources, including early intervention, parent training and support, and counseling.

 Children and families need coordinated services and natural support in their homes and communities. Partners In Learning’s approach to services recognizes the importance of family, school, and community and promotes each child’s full potential by addressing physical, emotional, intellectual, cultural, and social needs.

Our Mission Statement


Partnering with families and communities to promote the development of all children through early care, education, intervention, and family support services.

What Makes Partners In Learning Unique


Partners In Learning is a Community Impact Center and is a leader in the early childhood education arena, especially in their efforts to build bridges between supportive resources and the families and community we serve. Everything we do revolves around helping our youth and their families to shape our future. We are the only 5-star, nationally accredited childcare center, that specializes in helping children reach their fullest potential, no matter their income or ability level. We strategically work with all stakeholders involved in the care of your child. From specialists to doctors, we will make sure that you and your child have the right tools and encouragement needed to be the best that you can be.