Educational Services

At Partners In Learning, we focus on holistic child development and provide exceptional care. In this section, you will learn more about our programs and curriculum tailored to cultivate young minds and strengthen family support.

Partners In Learning is dedicated to setting the standard in early childhood education as Rowan County’s only 5-star, nationally accredited child care center. Our commitment to exceptional childcare services, comprehensive clinical support, and collaboration with early intervention professionals across 16 counties reflects our unwavering dedication to the well-being and development of young children. Learn more about our accreditation through the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

Images fof children from around the center doing art, academics, in a reading group, and outside.


We have a seamless enrollment process at Partners In Learning for our two Rowan County locations. On our enrollment page you will find detailed directions and easy-to-access contact information.


At Partners In Learning, our curriculum embodies a whole-child approach, recognizing each child’s unique abilities and needs. We develop individualized learning plans based on family observations and reflections, ensuring personalized growth and development. Progress reports and conferences keep families informed and engaged in their child’s educational journey.
Our inclusive system ensures children of all abilities thrive within our community of learners, fostering an enriching and supportive environment for every child. Learn more about our curriculum.


Our engaging learning spaces provide age-appropriate surroundings and activities to stimulate young minds. Our dedicated teachers bring expertise and enthusiasm to every classroom, ensuring a supportive and engaging environment. We prioritize safety with well-maintained classrooms and robust safety measures, providing peace of mind for families. Explore our dynamic classrooms designed to inspire curiosity, creativity, and growth in every child.

School-Age Program

Our school-age program offers year-round care and enriching experiences for children of all ages. Learn more about our dynamic summer enrichment program, blending fun activities with educational opportunities to keep children engaged during the summer months. Our after-school care program provides academic support in a safe and nurturing environment after school hours. Additionally, we offer engaging school break care options to ensure continuity of learning and fun experiences during school breaks.

Clinical Services

Along with our educational programming, we offer robust clinical support services designed to enhance children’s development and learning. Our comprehensive clinical services encompass a range of interventions and therapies tailored to meet the diverse needs of children. We collaborate closely with specialists and professionals across various disciplines to provide holistic support. From early intervention programs to behavior analysis therapy and counseling services, our clinical offerings are aimed at promoting positive outcomes for every child. Explore our clinical services section to learn more about how we support children’s growth and development through personalized and evidence-based interventions.

Learn More

Explore each section to learn more about our educational programs, curriculum, and commitment to excellence in early childhood education. For inquiries or to schedule a tour, please contact us.