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Support Partners In Learning today and make a difference in the lives of children and families! Choose from convenient giving options below, including online giving, matching gifts, in-kind donations, and more. Your contribution ensures every child’s success and full potential. Give today and be a part of our mission to nurture thriving futures!


Online Donations

Monetary Donation

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Mail a check to: Partners In Learning (Attn Amy Vestal), 1775 South Martin Luther King Jr. Ave., Salisbury, NC 28144

Become A G.E.M.

Our G.E.M. Program is a monthly giving program that allows donors to select a monthly amount they will give each month. By becoming a G.E.M. your monthly donation allows us to plan financially to support families. As a G.E.M. you can work along side us making a long-lasting impact in a child’s life.
Going our G.E.M. program today!

$10 a month provides transportation for a child

$25 a month covers subsidized tuition for a family in need

$50 provides mental health counseling for a child or parent

$75 helps support a child’s education

$100 helps a child receive early intervention service

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Stocks, Bonds, & Mutual Funds

By donating appreciated securities such as stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, this is a tax-efficient way to contribute to Partners In Learning. This method allows you to support our mission while potentially realizing significant tax advantages.

Here’s a simple guide on how to make a stock donation:

  1. Notify Amy Vestal: Please inform Amy Vestal, Development Director at or 704-638-9020 about your intention to donate stock. This step ensures that we can track and acknowledge your contribution promptly.
  2. Obtain and Complete a Stock Transfer Form: Your broker may have a specific form or process for transferring securities. Ensure that all necessary details, including the number of shares and the specific securities being donated, are accurately provided.
  3. Benefit from Tax Advantages: By donating appreciated securities, you may be eligible for a charitable deduction for the fair market value of the stock at the time of the transfer, without incurring capital gains tax. Consult with your tax advisor to maximize the benefits of your stock donation.


IRA Rollover

Partners In Learning offers a unique opportunity to contribute through an IRA Rollover. The IRA Rollover provision, also known as a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD), allows individuals aged 70½ or older to make tax-free charitable donations directly from their Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

Here’s how you can take advantage of this opportunity:

  1. Contact Your IRA Administrator: Reach out to the financial institution that manages your IRA and inform them that you would like to make a Qualified Charitable Distribution to Partners In Learning. They will provide the necessary forms and guide you through the process.
  2. Specify Partners In Learning as the Recipient: When completing the distribution request form, please ensure that Partners In Learning is listed as the charitable recipient, along with our tax identification number: 56-2116380.
  3. Send a Notification: Kindly notify Amy Vestal, Development Director at or 704-638-9020 about your intention to make an IRA Rollover donation. This step is crucial for us to acknowledge and properly record your generous contribution.
  4. Tax Considerations: Consult with your tax advisor to understand the potential tax benefits associated with your IRA Rollover donation. While the distribution is not included in your taxable income, it does count toward your required minimum distribution.


Matching Gifts

Many employers offer employee matching to their organization of choice. This is an easy way to maximize your donation! Be sure to check if your company offers employee matching, and if so, select Partners In Learning as your top choice!

In-Kind Donations

As a non-profit, we accept a variety of in-kind donations. We are always in need of school supplies, office supplies, gently used toys/books, weighted blankets, gift cards for teacher incentives, etc.

If you have any items you wish to donate, please drop them off at either our Woods or Novant locations.

Your donation can make a big difference in the lives of families in the community and the life of a child. You are helping to support the future of Rowan County.

Consider making a monetary donation today. You can use the online form below. It’s simple, and it’s tax deductible!