Clinical Services

Partners In Learning does more than just provide quality child care. We are also a family and community support center. Our goal is to provide the community with every possible chance of success, so we offer several different services to Rowan County and the surrounding counties. You do not need to be at our childcare center for us to provide you a helping hand. 

Partners In Learning is a Triple P (Positive Parenting) and Community-Based Rehabilitative Services (CBRS) provider. We will address your child’s needs in your home or in their preschool environment and assist in working toward improved participation and performance across all areas of development. Professionals will work with your child and family as a team to build a plan of supports and services for desired outcomes related to your child’s development.

Family and Community Services:

  • Early Intervention for Special Needs
  • Help with navigating a child’s special needs diagnosis
  • Support with Inclusion Services
  • Coaching for local teachers and college students
  • Triple P
  • Community-Based Rehabilitative Services (CBRS)
  • Special Needs support groups
  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy


Teaching your child cooperation

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