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ABA Graduation Success

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Alex who faced unique challenges in his journey towards personal development. Diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Alex’s parents embarked on a quest to find the best possible support for their child. After much research and consideration, they discovered the transformative power of Partners In Learning’s Inclusive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy.
Alex struggled to express needs and emotions. The world seemed overwhelming, and social interactions were daunting. However, with dedicated therapists and a supportive family, Alex began his journey towards growth and progress.


Our ABA program provided structured interventions tailored to Alex’s individual needs. Through positive reinforcement, repetition, and targeted strategies, Alex learned crucial life skills, such as communication, socialization, and emotional regulation. Each small milestone achieved filled the family with hope and determination to keep pushing forward.

As time went by, Alex’s progress became increasingly evident. He started to use words to express himself, replacing frustration with communication. Simple interactions became opportunities for learning and connection. With newfound confidence, Alex eagerly participated in social activities, forming bonds with peers and experiencing the joy of friendship.
Finally, the day arrived when Alex graduated from Partners In Learning’s ABA program. It was a momentous occasion, filled with pride and gratitude. The rewards were immeasurable. Alex has blossomed into a confident, capable individual, ready to embrace the world with enthusiasm and resilience.
Alex can continue to thrive, breaking down barriers and achieving new heights. His journey is a testament to the transformative power of ABA therapy in an inclusive setting and the unwavering belief in the potential of every child. As Alex embarks on the next chapter of his life, he can do so with courage, confidence, and a heart full of dreams.

Matthew Pacheco

Matthew came to PIL when he was 8 months old after suffering a traumatic brain injury. He was severely bruised and suffering from seizures, and he couldn’t sit or hold his head up on his own. We were told that he would likely never walk or talk by the specialists that were treating him. He started at Partners in Learning, and they all immediately fell in love with him!!!!

Matthew was at PIL until he went to preschool. He passed through many classrooms (and many arms of employees) during his time at PIL. He got services from the DEC, and the things they were working on were carried over into his daily routine at PIL and at home. Before leaving PIL, Mathew was both walking and talking.

Today, Matthew is almost 17 years old and a sophomore at Salisbury High School. He has passed Driver’s Ed and will soon be getting his permit. The damage that he suffered as a baby is something he will always have to carry with him and find ways to overcome, but thanks to some special people who loved him and put a lot of time into helping him grow to his potential, he is a walking, talking miracle today!!!!!


~ Carolyn Morgan

Megan Honeycutt Berg

The first time I walked into Partners In Learning, I was an 8- or 9-year-old child being accompanied by my first foster mother. At the time, I didn’t know that I had met the woman who would eventually become my “forever mom,” the Executive Director. I didn’t visit Partners In Learning again until I was about 10 years old, except that time was different.  I was walking in with my new foster mom, Norma Honeycutt.  My first thoughts were that I loved what she was doing, and how she helped children and their families.  I had heard of child care centers, but had never been to any others, so I shrugged it off as just a place where children are babysat every day. Needless to say, I was more wrong than I have ever been. From that day forward, Partners In Learning became my second home, and it became a part of me. I volunteered any chance I could get, and met so many amazing people that have changed my life in more ways than they could begin to imagine. The love that this place exudes as soon as a person walks through the door is one that I have not been able to find at another business. Without Partners In Learning, I would not have discovered my passion in life as quickly as I did. Partners In Learning has been so much more to me than a child care center. It brought me to my forever family, and has taught me the value of early education. I am forever grateful for Partners In Learning!

Aleshya Spruill

Partners In Learning has been my saving grace. Since I first started working here, my life has changed tremendously! I started out as a young, unexperienced high school student, who had a desire to work with children and grew to be a mature, professional, and qualified teacher (and mother of three now).  I not only love being and working with the children, but I get great excitement and fulfillment from it. This is the reason I was put here on earth. I get to live my life’s dream every day I enter the doors at Partners. This will FOREVER be home for me.


Ayden Ashley

There is no way to accurately convey the love our family has for Partners In Learning. PIL and staff have been with us through every facet of our son, Ayden’s, life. Most importantly, they saw us through his autism spectrum diagnosis. Without their guidance, that journey would have been much scarier and more unclear. Ayden is in his 10th year at PIL! They love him endlessly, and it is the one place where my fears as a parent of a special needs child are set aside because I know he is surrounded by people who know, understand, and love him. We look forward to many more years with PIL!

~ The Ashley’s

Kayla Spells

Partners in Learning is a jewel in the crown of the North Carolina early education system. We were fortunate enough to have Kayla enrolled in this incredible program from the age of two until she entered kindergarten. Each day, the wonderful educators exposed Kayla to exciting and intellectually stimulating activities in a setting of warmth and love. Every teacher knows the name of every student. The administration is supportive of the staff and personally invested in the success of every child. Just talking with Norma for a few minutes makes you actually FEEL how much she cares about the staff and children.

Kayla has gone on to have great success, which we can directly link to her early learning experience at PIL. The staff fostered a curiosity about the world, a deep love of learning, and taught the value of hard work. She is now a sophomore in high school and has maintained straight A’s throughout the years. She is a Duke Talent Identification Program participant and is planning to pursue a career in biomedical engineering. Kayla loves the sport of volleyball and has played on the highest team for her age level at Triangle Volleyball Club for the last two years. She currently leads her high school conference in hitting efficiency and has been contacted by multiple colleges, including MIT, Cornell, Cal Tech, and Emory, due to their interest in her as a student athlete.

Partners in Learning also instilled the values of empathy and altruism in Kayla. Children are taught to care for and support one another. The PIL administration and staff model this with their relationships with each other and each family. Kayla is constantly praised as a positive, caring person by teachers, coaches, and peers. She was voted the most outstanding student by her peers in three of her four classes last year. She has been made captain of her varsity high school volleyball team as a sophomore.  Partners in Learning has managed to maintain or exceed its own standards of excellence in education over the years. We are so honored to have been a part of this incredible family.


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