Classrooms and Curriculum

Our curriculum is centered on teaching the whole child. Adaptations are made for the uniqueness of the individual child. Teachers use their own family observations and reflections to implement plans based on individual needs. Teachers assess each child’s progress and share their assessments with the family in the form or progress reports and conferences that are scheduled throughout the year as the need arises. Our program also provides free vision, hearing, and developmental screenings by outside professionals. The program supports the identification and individual planning for children with problems in behavior or development building on strengths to meet challenges and supporting the adults involved in meeting the challenges. Children with diagnosed special needs are part of an inclusion system that supports their development and learning in the context of a community of learners and expertise of a specialist.




The North Carolina Department of Education has developed Early Learning Standards called Foundations. Our classrooms align with the North Carolina Foundations for Early Learning and Development. All Partners In Learning classrooms use the Creative Curriculum as an educational framework for planning and implementing a developmentally appropriate program. The Creative Curriculum is a comprehensive, research-based curriculum that features exploration and discovery as a way of learning, enabling children to develop confidence, creativity, and lifelong critical-thinking skills.

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N.C. Pre-K


The North Carolina Pre-K Program provides high quality pre-kindergarten education for four-year-olds and helps prepare them for success in school. The program is built on the belief that all children can learn if given the opportunity. Our N.C. Pre-K classrooms meet the same high-quality standards as all of the classrooms at Partners In Learning.

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“My son Josiah has had a phenomenal experience this year in NC Pre-K. His teachers, Ms. Robin and Ms. Tina, were great all around. In the beginning , there were little concerns, but as I spoke with the teachers, as well as the director of the program, everything changed around expeditiously. The relationship Ms. Robin had with Josiah was not only unexpected, but heartwarming. I loved the way my son would talk about his teachers. He was always ready to go to school! Due to his skin condition , he missed a lot of days, but Ms. Robin made sure that he didn’t miss any lessons. She always checked on him and made sure he was caught up! We love, love, love, Ms. Robin and Ms. Tina! Thank you Partners In Learning!”

Inclusion Services


Partners In Learning offers full inclusion services for students with special needs. Inclusion is defined as a child’s ability to participate actively in natural settings within their communities regardless of their diverse abilities. Inclusion is characterized by a feeling of belonging, not by mere proximity, but in children of all abilities learning, playing, and working together. All children are actively involved, physically accessing play and work locations, and have options from which they can choose personally. Inclusion is a process, not a placement.