Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) is one of the many community impact programs that Partners In Learning provides to those living in and around Rowan County. And while many schools and other businesses are closed during this terrible outbreak, Partners In Learning is going strong, finding different and unique ways to serve those in need.

Instead of putting these much-needed classes on hold, Partners In Learning has moved to having virtual meetings with parents. Tonya Correll, Triple P Director for Partners In Learning, is seeing parents through Zoom. Before going virtual, Tonya provided mini-tutorials to the families so they felt comfortable with the technology and she continues to offer assistance with Zoom if it’s needed. “We are able to do everything we were doing during home visits,” Tonya says. Part of the program includes an observational time where the parents practice new parenting strategies and the practitioner coaches them in the areas that they need support. “The virtual component has actually enhanced the practice session observations as sometimes the children do not even know I am observing therefore, I am able to get more valid data and real-time
results.” Tonya has reported positive feedback from all the participants who were excited to try something new.

“This program is a vital component for some families in order for their children to return home. Therefore, it was imperative that we did not have a lapse in services due to the current restrictions in our community,” Tonya explained. Many of the families Partners In Learning serves through Triple P are DSS referrals, and so it was important that they continued to help. Amy Marie Vestal, Community Support Specialist for Partners In Learning, also encouraged parents in need of parenting support to reach out, especially if you have a teenager or child with special needs. “These families depend on Triple P to ensure positive parenting, especially during a very stressful time,” commented Amy. “We want them to know we are here to help and continue to provide this essential program, no matter the barriers.”

If you or someone you know is interested in Triple P, please visit our Triple P page.


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